Formation #2 (2014)


220 Balanced steel-plates

45x35cm (individual size, actual size will vary)


Untitled1-3 (2014)


Tar-paper, spirit and screws on varnished wood with steel frame

115x115cm (individual dimensions)



Spill1-4 (2014)


Rusted metal on wood with steel frames

100x60cm (individual dimensions)


Sort Sol (2014)


Steel roads and tar felt



Parentheses (2014)


Chains with ink, acid, bleach and spirit on MDF with PVA and acrylic paint

100x60cm (individual dimensions)


Swirl (2014)


Acid, dry pigments, oil, bolts, silk and varnish on burned steel.

125x85cm (individual dimensions, actual size may vary)

Sunrise1-4 (2014)


Magnets, copper dust, steel dust, oil paint, acid

and salt water on steel

60x75cm (Individual dimensions)


Shipwreck1-3 (2014)


Steel-powder on sanded and grinded steel.

15x20cm (Individual dimensions)

SUN (2014)


Saltwater and copper-powder on steel

25x25cm (individual dimensions)


By applying saltwater and copper-powder to purified steel

surfaces an oxidation process has been initiated, which

continuously will alter the surface and vibrance of the


Untitled1-3 (2014)


Steel-powder, oil paint and brass-powder on roofing felt

100x120cm (Individual dimensions)

Daylight1-2 (2014)


Oxidated led-powder, paint and white spirit on roofing felt

70x100cm (Individual dimensions)

STILL (2013)


Steel dust, glue and salt water on framed mirror

45x60cm (individual dimensions)


Text written with salt water on steel-dust, causing the surface to rust and eventually spread and completely decay.





G R I N D E R (2013)


Sanding-paper, silk-screen medium, copper dust, bleach and acid on iron-oxided steel

45x100cm (individual dimensions)


Faces drawn with copper dust and treated with acid and bleach, causing constant alteration and decay of form.


Untitled(TENSION#1) (2013)


Steel and bolts

80x90cm (Individual dimensions)





Untitled(TENSION#2) (2013)


Wood, steel, bolts, industrial paint, steel-dust and pigment



Untitled(LOVE) (2013)


Mirror, silk-screen medium, steel-dust and salt water



Statement written with salt water on a steel coated mirror, causing the message

slowly to oxidize and decay over a period of time, leaving the spectator

only with his own reflected image.




Untitled(LANGUAGE) (2013)


Burned and sharpened steel and ink


Untitled(LIMIT)1-2 (2013)


Tar, gravel, industrial paint, ink, misc. steel and wood

125x75cm (Individual dimensions)

Untitled(BRUTALITY)1-4 (2013)


Sanded, burned and welded steel




Untitled1-5 (2013)


Mirror, glass, silk-screen medium, steel-dust, copper-dust, salt, water and ink



A series of 5 'metal paintings' on mirrors,

all differently treated with multiple layers of metal-dust and ink,

allowing for a continuous oxidation and alteration of the surface.


Untitled (2013)


Ink, steel, paper and acid

16x24cm (Individual dimensions)


A series of 9 silk-screen prints attached to metal grids,

dissolved for various durations in chemical baths.